November 9, 2021


Bio-bin® 1 Litre


The 1 litre Bio-bin® is a small fold-flat, 96% paper bin, ideally suited for use in the field e.g. Community nursing or for private first aid providers.

It is the ideal size to be used for small amounts of offensive waste, as well as in labs where limited space is available such as inside fume cupboards.



2litre yellow Bio-bin®

Bio-bin® 2 Litre

2L Bio-bin®


The 2L Bio-bin® has been designed to replace plastic waste containers for your non-sharp lab,hospital and clinical waste.
Ideal for disposal of pipette tips in the lab or for general ward and community waste.



Bio-bin® 5 Litre

5L Bio-bin® Information The 5 Litre Bio-bin® is ideal for bench top use in labs as well as in wards and theatres. The Bio-bin® comes folded flat which makes a significant space saving in storage and also makes the bin perfect for use in community nursing. The Bio-bin® 5 litre is also able to be used in[…]


Bio-bin® 6 Litre

6L Bio-bin®


The 6L Bio-bin® has been specifically designed to safely contain serological pipettes in labs.
For this reason the bin is tall and thin and therefore best used with a stand.


Bio-bin® Loop

Loop Bio-bin®


The Loop Bio-bin® was designed for disposal of single use implements such as loops and swabs in labs and non-sharp surgical instruments used both in wards and the community such as nippers and scissors.
The longer base of Bio-bin® Loop allows these items to lie flat in the bottom, reducing wasted space inside the bin.



Bio-bin® 30 Litre

30L Bio-bin®


The 30 Litre Bio-bin® is ideal for larger amounts of clinical waste created in the laboratory, hospital and community settings.
Bio-bin® 30Ltr comes with a Bin-sert™ which simply slides inside the bin and locks into place.

The new addition of our twist lock temporary seal makes the bin even easier to close and secure while temporarily not in use.


Bio-bin® 30L Accessories

30 Litre Accessories

A variety of accessories are available for use with the Bio-bin® including;

stainless steel floor stands and bench stands and inserts for the bin which have been designed to increase versatility. […]