An innovative U.N. approved,
paper-based container.
The safer, greener, cheaper way to dispose of your waste

Introducing the Bio-bin®

See below, how we can not only save you money - but help you, help the environment.

Because the construction of the Bio-bin® is made up of 96% paper – compared with an equivalent plastic container, the
Bio-bin® is often cheaper to dispose of.


Made from 96% recycled paper, you can rest easy knowing you’re not only saving money, but the environment too.
And who doesn’t like that?

Space Saving

Apart from our 6L Pipette bins, the rest of our Bio-bin® range is fold-flat.
Say goodbye to cupboards stacked full of sweetie jars and plastic bins!


With each empty bin weighing just grams, you are aren’t adding more cost to your disposal bill.
They’re easy for staff to dispose of too with handy fill guidelines.


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6 litre bio-bin

loop Bio-bin

30 Litre bio-bin

Small bin accessories

Large Bin Accessories

About US

"We are now a leading supplier of clinical waste containers to the health, laboratory & research and university sectors."

Econix was set up to develop a new generation of non-sharp clinical waste containers, which were better for the environment at a cost-effective price.

Since our inception the business has grown and we are now a leading supplier of clinical waste containers to the health, laboratory & research and university sectors.
We now sell our product all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Europe and the Far East.

The fold flat design of much of the range of Bio-bin® product makes it very space efficient to store and the 96% paper construction makes the Bio-bin® an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic waste containers.

Each bin has been developed with a Bio-matt™ in the bottom which has been specifically designed to soak up any excess liquid from the waste in the base of the bin and turn it into a gel, whilst the waterproof coating prevents any leakage.

Our Team

Meet our team at Econix
Stewart Maudsley
Stewart Maudsley
Managing Director
Stewart is our managing director. If you need to chat about becoming a distributor, drop him an email or give him a call to discuss.
Ann Lough
Ann Lough
Customer Sales & Support Manager
Ann is our sales & support manager. If you’d like a demonstration of our products or a visit to your establishment.
Alex Suciu
Alex Suciu
Administration Manager
Alex is our administration manager and looks after all our stock and makes sure your order gets to you correctly and on time. If you have any queries, drop him an email.
Judith Maudsley
Judith Maudsley
Director – Accounts
Judith is a Director of Econix and manages all the financial accounts. If you have any accounts queries drop her an email.
Nathan Haley
Nathan Haley
Warehouse and Dispatch
Nathan is responsible for making sure your order goes out on time and keeping our warehouse clean and tidy.
Rangitha Herath
Rangitha Herath
Regional Development – Asia
Rangitha is based in Sri Lanka. She is happy to explore how you can bring the Bio-bin product to your country in the SE Asia region.


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