October 10, 2016



Introducing the Hygiene+ sanitary bin – an innovation in sanitary waste disposal.

Eco-friendly, no contract, leak-proof and much more cost-effective than standard plastic sanitary bins

New from Econix, the Hygiene+ is a revolution in sanitary waste containers.

hygiene+ modesty panel top shothygieneplus-in-floor-stand

Paying annual charges for regular collections when you don’t need them?
Try the Hygiene+ – the very latest in feminine hygiene containers from the Bio-bin® people.

The Hygiene+ is a new feminine hygiene container, fold flat and easy to use. Don’t pay for a collection service you don’t need when a simple sanitary waste container will suffice.

Like the rest of the range of Bio-bin® products, the Hygiene+ feminine hygiene container come fold-flat in handy boxes of 10 and is very space efficient to store and easy to assemble.
The 96% paper construction makes the Hygiene+® an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic waste containers.

Each bin has been developed with a Bio-matt™ in the bottom which has been specifically designed to soak up any excess liquid from the waste in the base of the bin and turn it into a gel, whilst the waterproof coating prevents any leakage.

Our belief in providing eco-friendly products has lead to the creation of the Hygiene+ the new way of dealing with Feminine Hygiene waste.

• No waste contract needed

• Waterproof & Leak proof

• Easy to assemble

• Supplied in packs of 10

• Comes with Bio-matt to absorb liquids

• Fold flat for ease of storage

• Temporary & Permanent seals

• Built-in modesty panel for peace of mind


Hygiene+ bins in situ – small enough to fit comfortably down the side of a toilet, no matter the bathroom size!

hygiene plus bins in bathrooms

Contact us if you would like any more information on the Hygiene+ bin or any of our other products