March 1, 2017

Home Birth Packs

 Approximately 2.5% of births are now home births, these are becoming increasingly more popular for parents with low
risk pregnancies than traditional hospital births and according to the NCT in West Somerset the figure rises to over 14%.



 Our home birth pack kits contain no drugs, but with all the other equipment that you need for the safe delivery of babies. We worked with
the midwifery team at Sheffield’s Hallamshire Hospital, Jessops wing to create a home birth pack that midwives can simply pick up and go when needed.



It couldn’t be easier, simply remove the items prior to delivery, use what is needed and then return the items back into the Bio-bin,
apply the orange waste label supplied, seal and dispose.



We also supply a 5 Litre Red, Anatomical Waste bin and plastic bag for you to collect the placenta in, this can be

disposed of however you would normally dispose of placental waste.





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