Bio-bin® 6 Litre

6L Bio-bin®


The 6L Bio-bin® has been specifically designed to safely contain serological pipettes in labs.
For this reason the bin is tall and thin and therefore best used with a stand.

6 Litre Bio-bin® information
Colour Type of waste Econix Product Code NHS Product Code
Yellow Infectious Waste EXBB6.YL FSL423
Orange Infectious Waste EXBB6.OR FSL422
Tiger Stripe Offensive Waste EXBB6.TS FSL378
Plain – Green & White Offensive Waste EXBB6.4 Not Available

6l Bio-bin all colours
6l bio bin logistics

6 Litre bins are available in packs of 40

All 6 Litre bins come with a built in Bio-matt which can absorb 100ml of fluid

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