Bio-bin® 30 Litre

30L Bio-bin®


The 30 Litre Bio-bin® is ideal for larger amounts of clinical waste created in the laboratory, hospital and community settings.
Bio-bin® 30Ltr comes with a Bin-sert™ which simply slides inside the bin and locks into place.

The new addition of our twist lock temporary seal makes the bin even easier to close and secure while temporarily not in use.

The 30 Litre Bio-bin® is a great alternative to the rigid plastic wiva bins that have been traditionally used, while these still have their place in the lab – many institutions are trying to distance themselves from using and disposing of so much plastic.

Bio-bin® is available in the waste segregation colours set out in the Department of Health memorandum 07:01 Safe management of healthcare waste and is UN 3291 approved for disposal of non-sharp clinical and offensive waste – our UN certificates can be found here.

Due to the weight of the plastic bins, there are extra costs involved in disposal of the waste; the 30 Litre Bio-bin® weighs in at only 800g empty – with a fill weight of 8KG.

The Bio-bin® range all come with a built in Bio-matt™ which soaks up any excess liquid in the base of the bin and turns it into a gel whilst the waterproof coating prevents any leakage.

The easy to use Bin-sert™ coated liner inside the bin, not only helps keep its rigidity but also doubles up as a fill line to avoid overfilling of the Bio-bin®, once filled – sealing and removing the bin couldn’t be easier. With our permanent seals you can make sure your Bio-bin® is sealed and ready for collection, the Bio-bin® range also have built in handles to help easy transport of your waste.

Furthermore, you don’t need any specialist waste removal contracts, the Bio-bin® range is fully UN 3291 tested and can be collected by your regular waste collection company.

Colour Type of waste Econix Product Code NHS Product Code
Yellow Infectious Waste EXBB30.7YL FSL869
Orange Infectious Waste EXBB30.7OR FSL871
Tiger Stripe Offensive Waste EXBB30.6TS FSL873
Purple Cytotoxic/Cytostatic EXBB30.6PL FSL872
Red Anatomical EXBB30.6RD FSL1040
Blue Medicinal (non cyto) EXBB30.7MW FSL883
Plain General/Non Infectious EXBB30.0 N/A

30 litre bins all colours
30 litre bin logistics
30 Litre bins are available in packs of 10
All 30 Litre bins come with a built in Bio-matt which can absorb 1000ml of fluid
Click here to download Bio-bin® UN Certificates