Bio-bin® 1 Litre


The 1 litre Bio-bin® is a small fold-flat, 96% paper bin, ideally suited for use in the field e.g. Community nursing or for private first aid providers.

It is the ideal size to be used for small amounts of offensive waste, as well as in labs where limited space is available such as inside fume cupboards.


The 1 litre Bio-bin® is available in all waste stream colours as seen below and are suitable for:

Infectious waste, Cytotoxic & Cytostatic waste, Medicinal waste, Offensive Hygiene waste and even Anatomical waste.

The 1 litre Bio-bin® comes complete with a Bio-matt® in the bottom of each bin to absorb any additional fluids left from waste, this is then turned into a gel which will then dry out over time without affecting the integrity of the bin, and because the bin is wax coated there is no need to worry about any leaking.

Another great feature of the Bio-bin® is the temporary and permanent seals that come as standard on each size – this means if you are leaving your bench or simply needing to transport non hazardous materials, you can simply pop the temporary seal over and there are no worries about spills or accidents.


If the 1 litre Bio-bin® sounds like something your facility would benefit from – please request a FREE sample here.

Or if you’d prefer to order – please see our product codes for direct orders or our NHS codes for ordering via NHS supply chain.


1 Litre Bio-bin® information
Colour Type of waste Econix Product Code NHS Product Code
Yellow Infectious Waste EXBB1.YL FSL691
Orange Infectious Waste EXBB1.OR FSL690
Tiger Stripe Offensive Waste EXBB1.TS FSL689
Purple Cytotoxic/Cytostatic EXBB1.PL FSL692
Red Anatomical EXBB1.RD FSL1062
Blue Medicinal (non cyto) EXBB1.MW FSL1063

1 litre colour range

1 litre colour range

Logistics information for 1 litre bins

Logistics information for 1 litre bins

All Bio-bin® 1 Litre’s come flat packed in cases of 100 or NEW 20 bin mini packs
All 1 Litre bins come with a built in Bio-matt® which can absorb 100ml of fluid