Phlebotomy Phlebotomy Case Study

Warfarin treatments at home for vulnerable and immobile patients

Nurses at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield have recently added the 1 litre orange Bio-bin® to their community nursing kit.

Phlebotomy Manager Margaret Eggington has set up a pioneering service to treat more vulnerable patients in their own homes. Previously patients with poor mobility were taken to and from hospital by ambulances.

It is estimated that the new domiciliary service could reduce the trust’s ambulance costs by up to £750,000 per year as well as reducing patient stress levels and helping to maintain a more stable condition.

The nurses carry a small black case (left) which contains all the equipment required to treat patients and a community nursing box containing two small sharps bins and a 1Ltr orange Bio-bin®. This allows the nurses to separate non-sharp waste such as cotton wool, swabs, gauze, gloves and syringe wrappers in order to reduce disposal costs.

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