May 26, 2016

Microbiology Case Study

Bio-bin® for Microbiology

As a result of the support of Alan Crooks from our Northern Ireland distributor Vector Scientific, the Bio-bin® is now in use at Northern HSC Trust Laboratories. Biomedical Scientist and Laboratory Health and Safety Officer David Wright and his staff are currently using several hundred per month of the 5 litre yellow Bio-bin®’s for clinical waste disposal in their laboratories.
The haematology biochemistry and microbiology departments at the hospital have all adopted the Bio-bin® system and incorporated it into their existing waste stream whereby the waste is ultimately sent to the Trust’s eco-friendly alternative technology plant to be heat treated

The Bio-bin® is used in a variety of laboratories all over the country including Health Protection Agency, Queens Medical Centre and Imperial College London. Bio-bin® 6Ltr Pipette is ideal for disposing of serological pipettes whilst the smaller bins are perfect for loops, swabs and pipette tips.

We developed the Loop Bio-bin® in conjunction with Royal Liverpool University Hospital. The Loop bin has a longer base which allows the loops to lie flat in the bottom of the bin, reducing wastage.
For more information please contact us or alternatively request a free sample of the Bio-bin®.