May 26, 2016

Emergency Services Case Study

Emergency Services


Emergency Services Case Study

Bio-bin®A Rigid fold-flat container for emergency use.

New waste regulations mean that ambulance services are now required to return clinical waste produced on emergency call-outs back to a base such as a hospital or ambulance station.

This has created the problem of balancing the need for a rigid container to give more stability than a clinical waste bag as well the crucial issue of maximizing the space available in rapid response vehicles.

The space-saving and lightweight Bio-bin® is the ideal solution to the problem and enables ambulance services to keep vehicles clear of bulky plastic containers.

Easy assembly and innovative stackable and fold-flat designs make it the perfect waste disposal solution for emergency care.

The 1Ltr Bio-bin® is also perfect for use in RRV’s as it will fit in the kit bag both before and after use.

For more information please contact us or alternatively request a free sample of the Bio-bin®.