June 3, 2016

6 Litre Bio-bin®


The 6L Bio-bin® has been specifically designed to safely contain serological pipettes in labs.
For this reason the bin is tall and thin and therefore best used with a stand click here to view accessories.

All Bio-bin®’s are fully autoclavable and are then disposed of according to their colour or waste

6 Litre Bio-bin® information
Colour Type of waste Econix Product Code NHS Product Code
Yellow Infectious Waste BEXBBPIP6YL FSL423
Orange Infectious Waste BEXBBPIP6OR FSL422
Tiger Stripe Offensive Hygiene Waste BEXBBPIP6TS Order Direct
Purple Cytotoxic or Cytostatic Waste BEXBBPIP6PL Order Direct
Plain – Green & White Offensive Waste BEXBBPIP Order Direct


6l Bio-bin all colours



6 Litre bins are available in packs of 40

All 6 Litre bins come with a built in Bio-matt which can absorb 100ml of fluid

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