September 6, 2016

30 Litre Bio-bin® Accessories

A variety of accessories are available for use with the Bio-bin® including;

stainless steel floor stands and bench stands and inserts for the bin which have been designed to increase versatility.

30 Litre Bio-bin® Trolley


Manufactured from mild steel and powder coated in antimicrobial white, the 30 Litre trolley is ideal

for areas where the 30 Litre Bio-bin® needs to be regularly moved around and kept off the floor.

The bin is held firmly in the upright position and can be easily sealed down and removed for disposal.

The two rubber feet act as a brake when the trolley is stationary.

The trolley is powder coated and had cut-out’s on both the front and back corners to aid cleaning.

To move the trolley, the user simply tilts it back using the handle and wheels it to the new position.

Available direct from Econix –

Product code: Single trolley EXBBTR30.0

NHS Supply chain code: FSL1105


30 Litre Bio-bin® Floor Stand

30l-blue-in-floor-standThe 30 Litre Bio-bin® floor stand is manufactured in stainless steelwheeled-floor-stand

and is perfect for lifting the 30 Litre Bio-bin® off the floor and holding
it firmly in an upright position.

The Bio-bin® can be easily accessed, sealed down and removed for disposal.

The four adjustable feet on this model mean that the stand will not

damage the floor and can accommodate uneven surfaces.

The 30 Litre Bio-bin® Floor Stand is now also available with wheels.


Available direct from Econix –

Product code: Floor stand (without wheels) EXBBS30.0

NHS Supply chain code: Floor stand (without wheels)  FSL1106

Product code: Wheeled Floor stand – EXBBSW30.0



30 Litre Bio-bin® Wall Bracket

30l-bklue-in-wall-bracketDesigned for use with the 30 Litre Bio-bin® – the wall bracket is used in areas

where the bin needs to be kept off the floor. Simple to fix to a wall or on to the side of a trolley,

the bracket is chrome plated for easy cleaning.

The wall bracket can be purchased singularly or as a box of 5.

The bracket is fixed into place with M8 screws and plugs depending on the wall type (not supplied)


Available direct from Econix –

Product code: Single Unit:  EXBB30WB

Box of 5 wall brackets: BEXBB30WB

NHS Supply chain code:  Single Wire Wall Bracket FSL924

Box of 5 wire wall brackets – FSL925

30 Litre Bio-bin® M Stand

30lmstandThe M Stand was designed to allow the 30 Litre Bio-bin® to tilt at approximately 15 degrees to allow easy filling for tall thin items e.g.pipettes.

allowing the user to see the contents easily while helping to prevent overfilling and also ‘wigwamming’ of items.

As a result the M Stand for 30 Litre Bio-bin® is popular for use within laboratories and next to work benches to allow ease of visibility of contents of bin.

The M Stand is produced in stainless steel and is available in two sizes, the smaller 2 & 5 litre M stand is perfect for benches.

Available direct from Econix –

Product code: Individual M Stands – BEXBBMS30.0

NHS Supply chain code: Individual M Stands  –  FSL1153